About MontRauxa

 “The Montseny is full of superstitions and legends.”

Víctor Balaguer

MontRauxa is a project led by research-based musician and musical creation from the sounds that live in the Montseny Nan Mercader.

The contact with the cultural life of the people and the proximity of them caused a rebirth, slowly, in the interest of indigenous music, the sounds of celebration, traditional manifestations and growing admiration for the Montseny, which has spread its magnetism to grow the seed of MontRauxa.

During pre-production documentation, they captured and analyzed sequences, rhythmically singing birds such as coal or the cuckoo, the sound of water in the streams, the wind in the beach. From this analysis they have created different bases that have served as the rhythmic backbone to a series of musical compositions.

While the sounds in nature are taxed, the MontRauxa equipment has been immersed in the review of fables and legends of Montseny, and this imagery has permeated the entire project.

In parallel to the work of documentation, a luthier has designed three sections of three panels each with diameters of 12 ‘, 16′ and 20’ and turned them in intervals of thirds.

As a part of the panels, the ten percussionists play the show rigging elements such as huesera, cowbells, several screens, hoes, water, and earth. Percussion is the main sound and shows his versatility with amazing sounds.

Soloists of the traditional world percussion support the flugelhorn, flabiol, tarota and hurdy-gurdy and a dancer “donut d’aigua” (woman of water) that emerges from the depths to display their most sensual dance.

The project, which has continued to grow and branch, intends to honor the Montseny with the reinterpretation of his sound world, its tradition and mystique.

Beats the Montseny.

Sounds MontRauxa.