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Para além do muro do meu quintal (Sete Sóis, 2015)
Acrobata (Dueto con Ugia Pedreira, 2011)
Guanabara (Sete Sóis, 2009)
Tempo Afora (Eldorado/Canal Brasil, 2008)
Raro e Comun (Universal/ MPB, 2005)
Janelas (Deckdisc, 2001)


“Fred Martins is an original composer, who plays with a particularly interesting and poetic style. As a performer, it’s always good to hear your music. I also recorded two of his songs: Novamente y Tempo Afora

Ney Matogrosso

Standing out amongst the other artists of his generation, singer and songwriter Fred Martins offers a varied repertoire of copyright and closely related to the craft of a Brazilian song. In particular, the contemporary style, and his compositions dialogue with samba, bossa nova and modal northeast, also mixing elements of rock and other styles.

The composer’s talent was recognized by the prestigious Prix VISA Brazilian Music Show (9th edition, 2006), where he was awarded the top prize: Best Composer, by unanimous vote of the jury and public.

His compositions were also recorded by Renato Braz (phone booth), Ney Matogrosso (aside time and again), Maria Rita (without warning and perfectly), Zelia Duncan (guest time and Flores), among others. Fred Martins participated in international festivals such as the Lula World Festival (Toronto), Music Port, Cantos na Maré, (Galicia) in the Jawhara Festival (Morocco), Festival de Músicas do Mundo in Vila Real (Portugal), amongst other events.

At present, he participates as a composer and performer in the show “Utopia” by Maria Pagés, inspired by the work of Oscar Niemeyer and is working on his first solo album: Para além do muro do meu quintal, to be presented in Europe (with songs representative of his 20 year career). On the record are musicians from Brazil, Galiza, Portugal and Argentina.

About: Para além do muro do meu quintal

Fred Martins recorded his first solo album in Lisbon that would be released in Europe. Para além do muro do meu quintal (Beyond My Backyard Wall) is one of the verses of the poem Noite de S. João Alberto Caeiro (Fernando Pessoa), music by Fred Martins, which is the first album recorded in Europe Brazilian singer and composer.

In particular, the contemporary style and his compositions exude aesthetic flow and density. They’re both risky and mesmerizing. Dialogue with João Gilberto the bossa nova, samba Paulinho da Viola, Nelson Cavaquinho and Cartola, including Brazilian northeast modal and other elements of blues and rock. Following the lineage of writers like Noel Rosa, Vinicius de Moraes and Chico Buarque, poetry transferred as a whole work of the author and intensifies its presence here, not only in that song poem by Fernando Pessoa, but also in the frequent association with poets Marcelo Diniz (Depressa to life passa), Manoel Gomes (Poem Velho), Fred Girauta (Meu silêncio), Roberto Bozzeti (Terras do Sem Fim) and Alexandre Lemos (Novamente).

The voice and guitar play of Fred Martins songs and chamber music were given a predominantly acoustic or electro acoustic treatment. In addition, the cello Sergio Menem wins compensation, between percussion and Márcio Bahia Alexandre Fraza and the Arab loudness is extracted from Cümbüş (typical instrument of Turkey) and the Mediterranean, the unusual use of Brazilian small guitar.

Particularly involved in this album, is the singer Nancy Vieira (the samba tells me) and Paulistano singer Renato Braz, in “Terras do Sem Fim” a song about the Brazilian Amazon imagination. Also involved in this work, musicians Bony Godoy on bass, Marcelo Martins on flutes, and Pedro Pascual, in the diatonic accordion. “Beyond my backyard wall” also features music producer and pianist Paulo Borges.