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BUMBA II: a round-trip from Zigala to Zemambiquo

NARF: The latest musical proposal from Fran Pérez, one of the most innovative and important artists of the new music made in Galicia, with a long international career behind him. Sided by some of the most original and renowned musicians of the effervescent musical scene of Santiago de Compostela: Ton Risco on the drums, Marcos Teira on the electric guitar and Fran Sanz on bass.

TIMBILA MUZIMBA: a well-known Mozambican collective that was born from a cultural, artistic and social concern among a group of young Mozambican musicians and dancers in 1997 in Maputo. The Timbila is a traditional instrument from Mozambique around which revolves a universe of music, dance, poetry and anthropological heritage of the Machopi people. It received international support to obtain the rank of Cultural Heritage granted by UNESCO.

ZIGALA AND ZEMAMBIQUO: Names of imaginary countries united by this bridge made of songs and shared hopes, populated by citizens of the world who generously contribute with their identities and their roots to the enrichment of future common territories.

Bumba II: “Da Zigala a Zemambiquo”

“From Zigala to Zemambiquo” is a cultural cooperation project made by creators from Galicia and from Mozambique, with over a decade of experience. Various private companies and institutions in Spain, Portugal and Mozambique have collaborated.

Its main objective is to enhance and disseminate a modern image of Mozambican culture, particularly the Machopis, ethnicity to which belong the members of the Timbila Muzimba collective, through research, mutual knowledge and the creation of a joint work in an intercultural dialogue between the musical forms of modernity and the tradition of these people.

Those traditions, being ancestral, also treasure an extraordinary potential for contemporaneity and for the preservation of cultural identity in a globalized world.

This work is added to the dialectical process undertaken by many young Mozambican artists (such as Timbila Muzimba), which committed to their cultural heritage, seek to build bridges between tradition and modernity and at the same time, to create quality bonds with other cultures such as ours.


From Zigala to Zemambiquo is one of those bridges made with an importante effort, on which we travel in one direction or another to get together whenever we succeed in obtaining the needed supports . párrafo

We believe this bridge fulfills its role as a link back and forth, contributing on one hand to spread a current picture of the cultural richness of Mozambique to the outside, at the same time dignifying and highlighting other intrinsic values and the potential of internationalization of traditional cultures in the eyes of the Mozambicans themselves.

To achieve these objectives, we consider of vital importance not only public presentations of each new joint creation but also its audiovisual record, given its important documentary value as a living history of culture and its status as an essential element of its dissemination.


Throughout the ten years of this project, a significant number of creations and musical performances coproduced by Narf and the Timbila Muzimba collective were made in collaboration with different companies or institutions.

These shows have been presented in Mozambique, Spain and Portugal. We have also developed various audiovisual products for registration and dissemination and promotional activities on radio and television, as well as informative workshops in schools.

In addition to contributing to the spread of Machopi culture, all these activities have led several members of the Timbila Muzimba collective to a wonderful opportunity to learn about showbusiness in Europe, which has been an important training element for their artistic, personal and professional growth. Ultimately this returned into their community in a tangible way. The Timbila Muzimba collective runs a music school for the youth in Jardim, on the outskirts of Maputo.

Live at WOMEX 2016: