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La Secreta Danza (Porcausadela, 2015)

Bestiari(o) familiar(e) (diMusicalnMusica, 2013)


Napoli, 1984. A writer, composer, and winner of the 2013 Musicultural Festival with a popular song with Italian author, and an AFI award for best musical project, published in 2014 the first, multilingual album, Bestiari(o) family(e), recorded between Napoli and Barcelona. The album is nominated for the prestigious Tenco and Alessio Arena, the same year it is also one of the winners of the Area Sanremo competition, chosen by Mogol, one of the most important figures in the recent history of Italian light music.

Previously out in Spain as an EP, Autorretrato de Ciudad Invisible, with Alessio Arena stepping into the music scene in Barcelona, he is starting a fruitful collaboration with percussionist and producer Toni Pagès and pianist composer Clara Peya, amongst others.

With the latter, he recorded two albums, Tot Aquest Silenci y Tot Aquest Soroll, as the lead singer, with young jazz-singer-songwriter Judith Neddermann.

Accompanied by Ferran Savall, Rusó Sala and Judit Neddermann, stars of the Catalan cantautora scene recorded Spiral, and Clara Peya chamber music composition for four voices.

Marina Rossell invited him to sing in the second volume of his tribute to Georges Moustaki. The live version of “Marxa Sacco Vanzetti i” in the Teatre Grec de Barcelona and also released in the disc Tribut a Moustaki.

Meanwhile these novels have come out in Italy, L’infanzia delle cose (Premio Giusti Opera Prima) y Il mio cuore è un mandarino acerbo, that highlight Arena as one of the most interesting literary voices of the rich panorama of Neapolitan writers.

He also debuts as a songwriter for other artists on the discs of the Tunisian singer M’Barka Ben Taleb, Passion Fruit y de la napolitana Flo, D’amore e d’altre cose irreversibili.

To write in Castilian theater works Teorema de la probabilidad total, Hielo y El árbol o las manos abiertas de Celidonia Fuentes, the latter of the two produced by the Labruc Space Madrid, one of the small scenic areas from the scene off Masalaña.

Alessio Arena was second in the Neri Pozza Award, winning a special mention for his novel La letteratura tamil a Napoli which was published in Italy in September 2014.