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Ensayo y error (Oido records, 2013)

Being an andalusian musician

“Being an Andalusian musician is a dual responsibility because you have to compromise your identity and freedom. You have to be independent and move at will through the lands of imagination, while anchoring to the formal features of an entire tradition of secular sounds and ancestral echoes.

Alberto Alcalá served in both areas with wisdom and good taste but wants to be something more without taking away from what he’s already become. While maintaining an Andalusian core, he is still opening doors to the future, with the lucidity of one who knows the job requires dedication and perseverance. With that  being said, I believe in him and the continued success his music will be bringing throughout his career.

Long live the imagination and ingenuity Alberto has been putting in his work, and it’s just a matter of time before he serves us another generous glass of excitement and joy. ”.

Javier Ruibal


Alberto Alcalá was born in Antequera (Málaga) in 1986, and came into the music world in 1997 at just 11 years old, when he started studying flamenco with guitarist Paco de Antequera. While entering adulthood, with some of his own songs under his belt, he moved to Granada, where he studied philology and started playing at venues such as La Tertulia, El Entresuelo or La Telonera.

In Granada, the music became “means of subsistence”, opening on a stage outside their city. This journey has allowed him to share the stage with others or opening for artists such as León Gieco, Santiago Feliu, Paco Ibanez, Jorge Drexler, Pablo Guerrero, Javier Ruibal, Pancho Varona, Concha Buika, Iván Ferreiro and Antonio García de Diego amongst others.

Simultaneously, it presented Contests of Songwriters by various cities of the Spanish geography, achieving recognition as the First Place in the National Contest of Songwriting “Cantigas de Mayo” (Murcia 2007), First Place in the Intergenerational Contest Songwriting “April to Live “(2008), First Place in the competition of young singers (Burgos 2011) and the First Place and Audience Award at the National Songwriters Contest (Elche 2011) amongst others.

Influenced by music like flamenco, bossa nova, copla or tango which included deep literary issues, Alberto Alcalá’s music is conceived through a creative process in which the music and words are flowing with tradition, while continuing to pave new roads of originality.